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LSEM's Mission: Providing high-quality legal assistance and equal access to justice to low-income people
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Children's Legal Alliance/Education Advocacy 


At-risk youth, particularly those with disabilities and unmet mental health needs, too often encounter barriers which prevent them from receiving appropriate educational services. As a result of these barriers, many children and teens do not receive appropriate classroom instruction and services to which they are entitled.

The Children’s Legal Alliance works to combat these problems by providing FREE educational advocacy to qualifying children with special needs who are not receiving appropriate services and those who have been illegally or improperly excluded from school.

Legal advocacy services:

· Help families obtain testing for special education services

· Help families write special education plans (IEPs)

· Advocate to improve special education services and ensure promised services are provided

· Advocate for children facing suspension or expulsion from school

· Advocate for alternative education if suspended

· Advocate for families unhappy with the special education services provided to the child (administrative “due process” hearing)

· Advocate for accommodations and/or services under American With Disabilities Act and Section 504

· Correct inaccurate or misleading school records

· Help English Language Learning students obtain needed instruction and services

· Enroll homeless children in school

Social services advocacy:

· Connect families and children to mental health services

· Provide information and linkage to community resources

· Link clients to other legal assistance provided by LSEM (if needed)