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LSEM's Mission: Providing high-quality legal assistance and equal access to justice to low-income people
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Family/Lasting Solutions 


Family law services are provided to a large number of clients through LSEM’s Lasting Solutions Program.

This program is designed to provide holistic services to clients which address not only their legal needs but also social service referrals and case management provided by a MSW level social worker. Often survivors of domestic violence face formidable barriers in extricating themselves from the cycle of violence that has controlled their lives. The Lasting Solutions Program assists clients who seek a lasting solution to ending the problem of family violence in their lives and is devoted to helping clients as they rebuild their lives. Our lawyers provide counsel, advice and representation to clients in a variety of domestic cases including orders of protection, dissolution of marriage, modifications, paternity establishments and child custody cases. Other legal needs are addressed as well, sometimes by bringing the expertise of lawyers in other specialty practice areas like public benefits, housing or consumer. The attorneys in the Lasting Solutions Program also work collaboratively with many local agencies serving the needs of survivors of family violence to ensure that their clients receive the individualized services they need as they begin to rebuild their lives.